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Fertilizer Product Information

About the Molasses & Seaweed Fertilizer

Welcome to a growing experience with a fertilizer by: Atlantean Products! I am the Proprietor. In 1987 I began using new products and technology to grow the vegetables for my family. Many people have asked for these same products for their plants.  As a result of these requests, a fertilizer was introduced to the general public.  The fertilizer products are made from food grade, animal feed grade quality ingredients. They are very concentrated.  Please read the directions and information.   It is recommended that this fertilizer be used in the season it is purchased.

Shawn Waechter

General information and mixing the concentration in its container

  1. The fertilizer is a concentrate. This concentrate settles to the bottom, and requires agitation in its container before use. It needs to be mixed with water before it is used on plants.
  2. This concentrate mixes best at room temperature.Open the lid and let out any pressure that might be in the container.  Tighten the lid. Place a newspaper underneath the container.  Turn upside down.Rock the container back and forth until settled components are mixed in.  This takes about two minutes.  In the translucent container, you will see that the bottom is cleared.  In the opaque container, you will hear the sloshing sound become louder.
  3. Shake the whole container, mixing it uniformly, about 15 seconds.

Directions for use, dilution rate

Maximum Output – Minimum Input

There are different methods which one can use to apply this product.  One of the secrets is to use small amounts often.  Seven (7) drops in a litre on every watering for houseplants gives maximum use.  This is at a rate of 1 : 2,200.  This means that a 1 litre of concentrate can be made into 2,200 litres for watering potted tropical plants.  For many people who would like to fertilize every few weeks, follow the other instructions above, rate of 1 : 100 at the time of fertilizing.